10489705_10205098773927852_6771830565158774488_n I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and am currently working full time at Hi-Rez Studios.
I specialize in Concept Art and Illustration.

Polycount Sketchbook

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Max,
    I found your site while searching for “skyrim wood elves” xD.(because they look terrible and I wanted to find some mods):p
    Well, I normaly don’t leave any comments on any sites but this time I wanted to)). Your drawings are very empressiv and you’ve got very great ideas))
    I wish you luck with your study and everything else you do. 😀
    Keep your great work and sorry if I wrote something wrong,( I’m from germany)xD. Ok now I don’t know what to write. Oh, ok one thing :

    FUS-RO-DAH!!! TEHEE!!!

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