Horse dick! So you say.

This will be the third installment of my zbrush homework assignments. For our midterm project we’re required to do a head bust of a famous person or a character that person has played. I decided on Edward James Olmos as Gaff from Blade Runner. This is one of my favorite on-screen characters of all time and I thought it’d be a great opportunity to do a likeness sculpt seeing as I’ve never done anything from real life in zbrush aside from a skull or blade.

I tried getting a rough pass of this in zbrush using sketch, but 3 crashes and not enough progress later I decided it might be better to start by patch modeling in 3DSMax. I’ll be posting progress as I go through everything from the base model all the way to detailing and texturing. I also want to include the cap and suit he’s wearing to add some more flair to this and to make it more challenging. More to come soon.

"He say you Brade Runner!"


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