Nerds will be nerds…

So, the folks over at Polycount got a little tired of waiting for the Dominance War competition to begin, so they decided to forgo and make their own contest, THE BRAWL! Yes folks, that’s right, a fan fest of fantastic frivolity has fully unfurled. Certainly, but what is the Brawl?

The Brawl consists of two main categories, a character and environment section. Both categories are 3D and consist of the same major guidelines: Take your favorite character/stage from any fighting game ever made and reimagine it. Character artists working with a lofty 12,000 tris while environment artists get a whopping 250k tris to fiddle around with.

Since I’m not really good at either, I’ve decided to take a stab at the 3D character section. But who to pick out of the vast collection of iconic road warriors, the comic legends, the retro kings of clobber? Well, for me it had to be someone I had fond memories of; a character which I loved and hated and one that could stand the test of time. I chose Yoshimitsu, the robin hood of the east, the dastardly sword swinger, the colorful kamikaze!

Instead of reworking the design with his current time period, I’m going to take him in a more futuristic direction. Easy right? Not as much as I’d thought. I still need to keep his charm and tenacity while not drifting too much away from the original silhouette. Here’s a little taste of the direction i’m going in.

Yoshimitsu Redesign 01
Yoshimitsu Redesign 01

More updates to come, for sure. Here’s my WIP thread on PC. Until then, keep working you slackers.


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